Official Texas Department of Public Safety Certified Firearms Instructors

Frequently Asked Questions 2019

​​​​​Texas License To Carry Classes in San Antonio

9.  Q:  Where do I go online to complete the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) License to Carry application?

     A:  Go to and click on handgun licensing or simplyclick here to be automatically taken to the Texas DPS License To Carry online application page.

10.  Q:  How much does the Texas DPS charge for a new license to carry application?

       A:  The standard application fee for an original LTC is $40 and is a separate fee from that of the LTC class fee.  The standard fee for a renewal of a LTC is $40 however, Texas law provides for some discounts if you meet certain special conditions.  A complete list of fees along with the special conditions can be found on the fee schedule listed here.  The application fee is paid directly to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

11.  Q:  Once I submit my application to the Texas DPS, when should I expect to receive my license?

       A:  DPS will make very effort to issue your license within 60 days of receiving the completed application packet.  The license will be mailed to the applicant.  If the application is incomplete or requires additional information to complete the background check, you will be notified in writing by DPS.

The Texas "Concealed Handgun License" name has changed to: " Texas License To Carry" (LTC) due to the new " Open Carry laws that took affect Jan 1st 2016.

1.  Q. What is the process to get a Texas License To Carry (LTC) ?

A:  There are two steps involved  in getting the Texas LTC and it does not matter which one you complete first, but you must complete both:

  • 1.  Complete our Texas License To Carry Certification Course and receive a LTC-100 Proficiency Certificate of training form from the instructor.
  • 2.  Complete the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) online application for a LTC and provide them with the certificate you received from the instructor.  For more information on the Texas DPS process click the "Blue" LTC FAQs button above.

2.  Q.  How long is the LTC Course?

     A:  Our course is approximately 4 and a half hours long.  The State of Texas mandates a minimum of (4 hrs) to (6 hrs) of classroom training and the remaining time consist of the Proficiency Demonstration (shooting portion of the course).

3.  Q:  What does the classroom portion consist of?

     A:  The classroom portion consist of four (4) modules displayed in PowerPoint slides.

  • Related Weapons Laws
  • Handgun Use and Safety
  • Non-Violent Dispute resolution
  • Proper Storage Practices for Handguns

At the completion of the PowerPoint presentation modules, the student will take the Texas Department of Public Safety 25 Question LTC written Exam provided by the instructor.  The exam is multiple choice & true/false questions.  The student must have a test score of  at least (70%) to pass.  If a student fails, they get a second chance to complete the exam.  Most students pass with (100%) due to the expert instruction provided by our experienced instructors.  We do not teach the test questions, we provide you knowledge that prepares you to take and pass the Texas LTC from your own thought process.  After completion of the test, the students will prepare to conduct the Handgun Proficiency Demonstration course.

4.  Q:  What does the Handgun Proficiency Demonstration Course consist of?

     A:   During the shooting course of fire the student will be required to shoot a total of 50 rounds of ammunition into a B-27 target from the following distances:

  • 20 rounds of ammo fired from the 3 yard line
  • 20 rounds of ammo fired from the 7 yard line
  • 10 rounds of ammo fired from the 15 yard line

Once all ammo has been fired the instructor will grade the B27 target.  The Student must meet the minimum qualifying score to pass, which is a score of 175 (70%) out of a possible 250 points maximum allowed.  If the students bullets hit in the 8, 9 or the X rings located on the target, those areas are worth 5 points each.  

Bullets that hit in the ring marked as 7 will be worth 4 points each.  If the bullets hit anywhere else on the colored areas of the target are worth 3 points each. The Firearms Instructor will count each shot and will add them up according to the scoring diagram on the target.  Each student must score at least 175 to pass the course of fire.  If a student fail, they will be given two chances to pass.  At the end of the shooting portion the instructor will grade the target and  provide the student with a LTC-100, Handgun Proficiency Certificate.  The student must provide a copy of the LTC-100 certificate back to Texas DPS to show proof of passing the State required LTC course before Texas DPS will proceed with the students LTC application.

5.  Q:  What do I need to bring with me to attend the Texas LTC Class?

     A:  To attend our LTC class at BlackHawk Shooting Range you will need to bring the following:

  • The handgun they will use.  (it does not matter what caliber or type of handgun).  Just a handgun that is safe and is in good working condition!
  • A holster for the gun
  • A box of 50 rounds of ammo for the gun
  • Hearing protection- suitable for handgun noise (e.g. ear plugs, over the head hearing protection or electronic hearing protection).
  • Eye protection-suitable to protect the eyes (e.g. safety glasses, reading glasses, sun glasses)
  • Hat or Cap (some sort of head cover)
  • Drivers license or State ID if you don't have a drivers license.
  • $68 Course fee (cash preferred)

6.  Q:  Is the class indoors or outdoors?

     A:  The classroom portion is indoors with heat and air conditioning. The handgun proficiency demonstration (shooting portion) is conducted outdoors. We conduct the course rain or shine but will cancel the course if lightning is present or predicted!  Please dress appropriate for the weather on the day of class.

7.  Q:  How do I sign up and pay for the course?

​     A:  To sign up for our course just simply fill out the form on our LTC sign-up page and show up at the main office on BlackHawk Shooting Range on the day you selected no later than 11:55 a.m..  The instructor will collect the course fee during class.  We prefer cash, however we accept most major credit cards.  Due to the location and size of the shooting range and lack of cell towers a clear and strong signal is not always present to process credit cards transactions so an ATM is also available on site.   We understand things come up so If you signed-up for a specific date and can't make it on that day, no worries,  just simply check our sign-up page for the next available LTC course date and re-sign up for the new date and just simply show up on that day. 

8.  Q:  Can I bring snacks or drinks to class?

     A:  Absolutely