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Concealed Carry Laws

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Open Carry for Texas License holders is here!  We will keep you informed on all the new concealed carry laws!

​​​​​Texas License To Carry Classes in San Antonio 

Click the green box below to view all of the Texas LTC Laws, published by the Texas Department of Public Safety:

Here are the key points:

1.  Must have an existing valid CHL or the new License-To-Carry (LTC) to carry openly.

  • If you open carry, it must be in a shoulder or belt holster.
  • If you open carry in a car or boat it must still be carried in a shoulder or belt holster.
  • A person can open carry where ever you can currently conceal carry with the exception of institutions of higher learning.  Unless a business post a 30.07 sign restricting openly carried handguns.
  • A current CHL will automatically allow open carry.
  • There is no additional training requirements before renewing a CHL and the new cards received will display LTC.

2.  If a private property owner wants to restrict open carry, they will have to post the new 30.07 sign.

Mr. Nathan Buck (Instructor)