LTC in your Home, Business, Church, or other group get together.

  • 4.5 hours
  • Can be any sized group, so long as the location can accommodate everyone.
  • Proficiency test can be done either the same day, or scheduled for a separate date and time

Available Training Classes

​​​​​Texas License To Carry Classes in San Antonio

NRA Basic Pistol Certification


  • 8 hours
  • ​​Essential gun safety rules
  • Different types of pistols and which one is best for you
  • The basics of ammunition
  • The fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • Different shooting positions
  • The most common shooting errors
  • Proper gun cleaning and maintenance
  • How to maintain your skills

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Official Texas Department of Public Safety Certified Firearms Instructors

Private/Group LTC Class

  • 4.5 hours
  • Private one on one LTC Class
  • ​Groups up to 20 people

Handgun Foundations​ Course


  • Excellent prerequisite for the LTC or PHA Class.
  • 2.5 hours
  • ​Safety
  • Gear choices with a focus on carry
  • Handgun familiarization
  • Marksmanship fundamentals
  • Proper care and maintenance
  • 150 round practice fire
  • 50 round skills test (100% pass score)

Practical Handgun Application


  • ​Handgun Foundations class is recommended prior to this course.
  • 4 hours
  • Safety
  • Gear choice fine tune
  • Employing handgun from the holster.
  • Diagnosing and correcting malfunctions.
  • ​Reloading
  • Balance of Speed/Accuracy
  • Forced slow drill
  • ​300 rounds practice fire
  • 50 round skills test (95% pass score)